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Infrastructure at AMLRCS

  • 4 Center Wickets along with International Standard Cricket Ground, another ground in the developing stage with 5-center wickets 70-meter cricket ground.
  • 2 Turf and 2 Cemented practice wickets, along with another 5 practice wickets in the developing stage.
  • Bowing Machines
  • AMLRCS is now Powered by PITCHVISION TECHNOLOGY (video analysis for trainees.)
  • Mechanical & Automated Rollers
  • Mechanical & Automated Grass Cutting Machines
  • State of the Art Training Equipment
  • Side Screens
  • Pitch Covers.
  • Indoor facility for all season training.

Other Facilities offered at AMLCRS

  • State of the art gymnasium
  • Air-Conditioned rooms for the trainees.
  • 24 hours back up electricity.
  • On-Site kitchen and dinning area for trainees.
  • Air Conditioned rooms for visiting parents.
  • All trainees have Health Insurance & best medical facilities.