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Sight Screen

The sight screen helps the batsman to spot the ball better. There are two screens, one at each end of the field behind the wickets and on the boundary, that are used as a blank background to help the batsmen see the ball more clearly. Spectators are not allowed to move in front of them during play. In One Day Internationals and Twenty20 cricket matches, the sight screen is black in colour as the ball used is white colour. In Test matches, the sight screen is usually white in colour as the ball used is red in colour.



Cricket Stumps

Stump is a term used in the sport of cricket where it has three meanings, part of the wicket, a manner of dismissing a batsman and the end of the day’s play (“stumps”). The stumps are three vertical posts which support two bails. The stumps and bails are usually made of wood, most commonly ash and together form a wicket at each end of the pitch.

Each stump is referred to by a specific name:

  • Off stump is the stump on the off side of the wicket (the same side as the batsman’s bat).
  • Middle stump is the centre stump, the middle of the three stumps.
  • Leg stump is the stump on the on side of the wicket (the same side as the batsman’s legs).

These names are relative to the batsman, so a right-handed batsman’s leg stump becomes the off stump when a left-handed player is batting.

Hand Grass Roller

Hand grass roller is an equipment for smoothing wickets between innings or perhaps to squeeze moisture from your artificial wickets or practise nets to speed them up or maybe to even out the surface under the carpet, here is a roller designed for the job. It utilises an identical roller drum to those used for powered roller so is precision machined on all relevant surfaces.


Cricket Batting Tee

Batting Tees introduce and develop player’s basic batting skills. It provides a platform from which shots can be played consistently. When players achieve confidence in hitting a stationary ball they can quickly progress to a moving ball.

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