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Cricketing talent cannot be created. Once discovered, it can only be nurtured.

It is this belief that guides us at DCAMLCA, Every boy who joins us is treated as an individual - one who is quite unlike any other in the Academy. They all play differently, think differently, behave differently and of course have different talents. Therefore, when we plan the schedule for a child, we do it on a principle called 'one-to-one coaching'. You will know more about our unique coaching principles as you read on…


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  • - To discover latent cricketing talent.
  • - To nurture cricketing talent by imparting scientific and advanced training for honing the cricketing skills.
  • - Teaching the 'secrets' of achieving peak mental and physical performance - always with unyielding integrity.
  • - 'Cricket for life' or 'life for cricket' - expert 'life-skill' guidance on finding the right balance.
  • - Be the 'first choice' in cricket schools for all wanting to excel at the game (and their parents).
Director's message