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Cricket Training

Amenity Cricket

Batting Coaching

If you're a batsman? Or perhaps an all-rounder? Left handed, right handed, opener, middle-order? Whatever.. Our point of difference is the ability to detect faults, show you how to fix that fault and provide specific drills for you to practice and create your new technique. We also cover the mental side of the game to give you the winning edge when you take to the crease.

We provide following under this section:

  • Front Foot Strokes
  • Back Foot Strokes
  • Sweep Shots
  • Set Up Grip
  • Evasion Skills
  • Playing The Ball Late
  • Advancing Skills
  • Drills For Individuals
  • Drills For Groups
Amenity Cricket

Bowling Coaching

If you are a bowler looking to improve your performance, identify where you may be going wrong or simply seeking new ideas for team or individual bowling drills, you are in the right place. Our bowling training will empower you with the ability to detect a fault, make the required correction and provide drills for you to perfect your new technique and form new habits.

Amenity Cricket

Fielding Coaching

Even though there are three significant parts to the game of cricket, coaches and players do sometimes tend to neglect fielding. And as we all know, catches win matches! So, we have compiled an excellent range of drills to improve your fielding and that of your team's. If you have limited space, are indoors or outdoors or have different group sizes attending trainings, these activities can be adapted to suit. So, get warmed up and let's get into it!