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Standard Cricket Ground

Lush Green Campus

Ground Quality

One and the best advantage of Madan Lal Residential Cricket School is that it is the only one where all the specifications were taken while designing the cricket ground according to the current rules and regulations of International Cricket Council (ICC). Besides being one of high-quality facilities, it is the one that is not only for localized tournaments but also for international competitions too, affirming that we only have one aim i.e. to the be best.

Mainly the pitch has the central place in the appeal of our ground due to how meticulously we tend it. Every tip is taken into account to prevail on quality as well as the uniformity of playing surface, which will leave no place for players who are novices as well as those who are experts to exercise their strength. At the same time, we commit to our consistent adherence to ICC standards in each and every match played within our boundaries, thus, we ensure balance and honesty of all the matches in our area

Ground Facilities

At Amenity Madan Lal Residential Cricket School, we pride ourselves on offering state-of-the-art facilities tailored to the needs of aspiring cricketers. Our meticulously designed cricket ground stands as a testament to our commitment to providing an unparalleled training environment. Here's a glimpse into the outstanding facilities available:

  • ICC Standard Pitches: We ensure that the pitches we make are free of any errors and carry the lofty standards installed by the International Cricket Council (ICC), which offers the best surface for all levels of players.
  • Match Hosting Capability: The arena is endowed to hold local cup matches and high profile international tournaments; the ground, which among the best in its class, is in strict compliance with united ICC rules and regulations.
  • Lush Green Outfield: Maintained well, our outfield provides a green and flat area that provides chances to learn the proper sliding and diving techniques for training purposes.
  • Modern Amenities: The changing rooms will have personal facilities well ordered and there will be the most comfortable seating for the spectators. The facility will be designed to meet everyone's preferences.
Lush Green Campus